Technology – Crate to Plate

Hydroponic Technology

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, instead using mineral nutrient solutions in water.

Maximising Use of Growing Space

We are able to grow vertically, maximising the use of available space when compared to traditional farming methods. Each 40ft container can achieve the same production as over an acre of farmland, using 95% less water.

Crate to Plate uses hydroponic technology in purpose-built containers that allow us to fully control the farming conditions. These containers are 40ft (12.2m) long, 8ft (2.4m) wide, and 8.5ft (2.6m) high.
  • Each machine operates in a sealed environment where growing conditions are controlled through a customizable web control and monitoring system.
  • Temperature, humidity, LED lighting, delivery of water and nutrients, airflow and day/night cycles are carefully regulated per protocols based on the life cycle needs of each crop.
  • Alerts are sent based on any non-standard conditions and farming operations can be monitored remotely, allowing for instant awareness of issues without the need to be on site.